Koch Fuel offers a wide range of products from Petro-Canada™ including fuel, lubricants like hydraulic and motor oil, and many more.

If your fleet, farm, or mining operation is based in Central Alberta, there’s no easier way to access Petro-Canada™ products than through our company’s cardlock stations and on-site delivery services.


If you need lubricants, whether it’s for gears, engine oil,
mining grease, or anything else, Koch Fuel provides quality
products at competitive prices.


Koch Fuel offers quality Petro-Canada™ gasoline and diesel
for all industries. Visit your nearest Koch Fuel bulk plant or
cardlock for a fill-up today.


Koch Fuel stocks quality baling supplies from Windrow Baling
Products Inc. to farmers throughout Central Alberta. Visit your
nearest Koch cardlock station for quality baling twine, net wrap,
or silage wrap.


We offer a wide variety of tanks for sale and rent from various
suppliers, with other types available upon request. Combine an
on-site tank with fuel delivery for a quick and convenient
refueling solution.