Koch Fuel offers a wide range of services including cardlock, delivery, bulk deliveries, on-site refuelling, and rentals.


Our cardlock stations are designed to make it as convenient
as possible for your fleet to fuel up with genuine, highquality
Petro-Canada™ products. We have what you need,
when you need it.
While many of the Petro-Canada™ items in our offering are
available at the cardlock stations, some items may need to
be ordered.


We deliver Petro-Canada™ products, farming equipment, and
fuel and oil tanks anywhere in Central Alberta: the quickest
and easiest way to minimize lost time and up your


Especially for farming operations, our on-site delivery
service of Petro-Canada™ fuels is a convenient and
economical way to ensure you always have what you need
to get the job done.


Keep your fleet going with our on-site refueling service.
Gasoline, diesel, and even diesel exhaust fluid are all on
the menu.


Whatever equipment you need to get your job done the
right way, Koch Fuel has it waiting for you. We’re more than
just fuel! All sorts of farming equipment and fuel tanks are
available at fair prices.

Our Carstairs, Stettler, Sundre, and Three Hills locations
stock everything your farm needs to pull in a great harvest.